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The New Erin Mills Town Centre

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Like with most men, shopping malls are not of great interest to me. The only time I ever go to one is when my girlfriend drags me with her, or that one day a year, a few days before Christmas, when I have to buy that same girlfriend something to put under the tree.  I never pay attention to what stores are at the mall, and I certainly don’t care too much about the way a mall looks…Guys? Are you with me here?


Since I love my detached home in Erin Mills Mississauga, my go-to mall is Erin Mills Town Centre.  It’s close to home, easy to navigate my way through the corridors, and when I first moved to Erin Mills Mississauga, it was easy to find when I was searching through amenities in Erin Mills Mississauga. All I had to do was drive north on Glen Erin Drive and look for the big clock tower.  Easy enough I thought.


Erin Mills Sphere.JPG


But then, back in July of 2013, the mall began extensive renovations and before I knew it, the clock tower was gone!  I thought that maybe they were just updating it with a new one, but then, as the months went on, I realized that the tower wasn’t coming back.  In its place, was an enormous structure like I’ve never seen before in Erin Mills Mississauga.  Every morning, while driving my stepson to the high school across the street, I’d see this structure getting bigger and bigger, until it formed a gigantic sphere.


My view every morning of the Erin Mills Town Centre Sphere Since I don’t go to the mall more than a few times a year, I had no idea what this thing was…..Is it going to be a ride of some sort?  A cinesphere?  Holiday decor?  I had no clue… curiosity was killing this cat….so I had to find out.


As part of a $100 million redevelopment of the Erin Mills Mississauga mall, replacing the clock tower is a majestic architectural feature, an iconic glass sphere 283 feet in circumference that pierces through the roof over the mall’s Centre Court.  According to mall vice-president Nance MacDonald, the sphere is going to be the biggest in the world. Guinness World Record for the City of Mississauga, perhaps? Good for Mississauga Real Estate perhaps?


Beneath the sphere, the centre court will feature an infinity pool that can be converted to a stage surrounded by seating ideally suited to host community events. Mall operators believe this will be THE PLACE for community to meet, greet and be entertained. Construction should be complete by this summer 2015!


So there you have it folks (like me who don’t spend too much time at the mall) mystery solved!  For anyone living in Erin Mills Mississauga, or thinking about buying real estate in this area, come this summer, Erin Mills Town Centre will definitely be a world-class shopping centre, as well as THE PLACE for community gatherings.


Nevin Briand has lived in Erin Mills Mississauga his entire life. If you’re considering moving to Erin Mills Mississauga don’t hesitate to contact him directly at 416.460.7333 or Nevin@SearchRealty.ca

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