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Thank You For Being Champions of Child Health


  • Over 50 children in Canada (49 at SickKids) and approx. a hundred more worldwide have been saved by the discovery that heart transplantation can take place across blood types in infants. As a result, infant heart transplant waiting list deaths dropped from 56% to 7%
  • To date, 15 million children around the world have been spared the debilitating effects of chronic malnutrition because of Sprinkles – a SickKids invention
  • Number of deaths due to SIDS has dropped by 40%
  • Life expectancy for a child with Cystic Fibrosis has gone from four years fifty years ago to late forties today 88 individuals per year in Ontario live an incomparably better quality of life due to pioneering epilepsy surgery techniques developed at SickKids
  • Today more than 80% of children with cancer will survive into adulthood; in the 1960s this percentage was closer to 10% for many more common childhood cancers such as leukemia
  • In provinces mandating helmet use for cyclists 1 to 15 years of age, the average number of deaths decreased by 52 % each year
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