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For sale $21,500,000
194 ROXBOROUGH DR, toronto, Ontario

194 Roxborough Dr

Toronto, Ontario

6 Bedroom 8 Bathroom
For sale $19,800,000
124 PARK RD, toronto, Ontario

124 Park Rd

Toronto, Ontario

5 Bedroom 9 Bathroom
For sale $18,880,000
2 HYDE PARK CIRC, toronto, Ontario

2 Hyde Park Circ

Toronto, Ontario

6 Bedroom 8 Bathroom
For sale $18,200,000
#4901 -50 YORKVILLE AVE, toronto, Ontario

#4901 -50 Yorkville Ave

Toronto, Ontario

5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom
For sale $17,900,000
70 DISCO RD, toronto, Ontario

70 Disco Rd

Toronto, Ontario

99112 sqft
For sale $17,800,000
12 ANGLESEY BLVD, toronto, Ontario

12 Anglesey Blvd

Toronto, Ontario

For sale $16,880,000
128-799 GORMAN PARK/SHEPPARD AVE W, toronto, Ontario
For sale $16,880,000
128-799 GORMAN PARK/SHEPPARD AVE W, toronto, Ontario
For sale $14,888,000
1930-36 QUEEN ST E, toronto, Ontario

1930-36 Queen St E

Toronto, Ontario

8856 sqft
For sale $14,800,000
21 HIGH POINT RD, toronto, Ontario

21 High Point Rd

Toronto, Ontario

For sale $13,680,000
29 FOREST HILL RD, toronto, Ontario

29 Forest Hill Rd

Toronto, Ontario

5 Bedroom 9 Bathroom
For sale $12,800,000
22 YORK VALLEY CRES, toronto, Ontario

22 York Valley Cres

Toronto, Ontario

6 Bedroom 8 Bathroom
For sale $12,200,000
#2401 -50 YORKVILLE AVE, toronto, Ontario

#2401 -50 Yorkville Ave

Toronto, Ontario

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $12,000,000
#FLR 2&3 -2183 LAKESHORE BLVD W, toronto, Ontario

#flr 2&3 -2183 Lakeshore Blvd W

Toronto, Ontario

40000 sqft
For sale $11,988,888
42 WIMPOLE DR, toronto, Ontario

42 Wimpole Dr

Toronto, Ontario

8 Bedroom 13 Bathroom
For sale $11,890,000
22 TRUMAN RD, toronto, Ontario

22 Truman Rd

Toronto, Ontario

6 Bedroom 8 Bathroom
For sale $11,800,000
75 HIGHLAND CRES, toronto, Ontario

75 Highland Cres

Toronto, Ontario

5 Bedroom 7 Bathroom
For sale $11,700,000
31 ROLARK DR, toronto, Ontario

31 Rolark Dr

Toronto, Ontario

22800 sqft
For sale $11,680,000
112 WARREN RD, toronto, Ontario

112 Warren Rd

Toronto, Ontario

7 Bedroom 7 Bathroom
For sale $10,800,000
3905 KEELE ST, toronto, Ontario

3905 Keele St

Toronto, Ontario

8 Bathroom
For sale $10,500,000
47 DANESWOOD RD, toronto, Ontario

47 Daneswood Rd

Toronto, Ontario

10 Bedroom 11 Bathroom
For sale $10,000,000
#PH1 -77 CHARLES ST W, toronto, Ontario

#ph1 -77 Charles St W

Toronto, Ontario

2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom
For sale $9,800,000
6285 YONGE ST, toronto, Ontario

6285 Yonge St

Toronto, Ontario

9266 sqft
For sale $9,300,000
271 FOREST HILL RD, toronto, Ontario

271 Forest Hill Rd

Toronto, Ontario

8 Bedroom 8 Bathroom

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MLS Listings Toronto

MLS Toronto has a large variety of properties available no matter what you're looking for, be it older or newer, freehold or condo. Recently Toronto's condo market has been booming with new developments going up all over the city and especially the lively downtown core.


A Search Realty agent can show you how to get the most of your money when searching through the large Toronto MLS Listings market and also ensure that you're purchasing in a neighbourhood that is appreciating in value.


When considering buying Toronto homes for sale, there are many different areas and neightbourhoods to consider. We have broken Toronto into its major areas including Etobicoke houses for sale, Scarborough houses for sale and North York homes for sale. Etobicoke homes for sale can be found on the west side of Toronto, just east of Mississauga. Etobicoke homes for sale offers beautiful neighbourhoods with a mix of more traditional newer homes and also rebuilt and renovated homes. The north side of Toronto real estate you’ll find North York with many new condo for sale, home to many young professionals. South Toronto you’ll find the downtown core, home to great sports and entertainment arenas including the Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre. Downtown Toronto you’ll find great shopping including the Eaton Centre a major tourist attraction and thousands of restaurants and bars for your entertainment. Day and night, downtown Toronto will always find you exciting attractions. On the east side of Toronto you’ll find Scarborough homes for sale. A more affordable area of Toronto, Scarborough homes for sale offers many different style of homes and neighbourhoods. A very diverse area there is something for everyone in Toronto.


These 4 major areas are further broken down into smaller neighbourhoods for you to browse different styles and prices of homes. You may also call a Search Realty agent to further investigate and decide which areas you would like houses for sale in Toronto to be most suitable for your specific buying needs. Some things to consider are your budget. If you are unsure of this, call a Search Realty mortgage broker to book a mortgage pre approval today. This is a very important factor in deciding which area of Toronto real estate will be most suitable for you. Other considerations when browsing Toronto homes for sale include good schools in the area, the appreciation rate of houses in the area, styles of homes in the area and nearby amenities. 

Houses For Sale in Toronto

With so much to choose from when looking at Toronto homes for sale it can seem a little overwhelming at first. While this site will help you to get an idea of home styles and prices available, seeking the advice and assistance of a real estate professional with definitely help you to make more educated decisions when narrowing your search to find the perfect home for sale in Toronto for you and your family. Call a Search Realty agent today to further discuss the different area of Toronto homes for sale and get you in your next home faster and with less stress.