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Buying and selling a home can seem like a daunting process. There are continuous obstacles faced, that lead to added frustration for the both the home buyer and the home seller. But those frustrations and obstacles can be eliminated with the help of Search Realty Corp. Brokerage.


Search Realty specializes in internet marketing with a large online presence spread over 100 real estate websites. Search Realty uses traffic to sell client homes, find home buyers for prospective home sellers and also to recruit highly skilled realtors, to service home buyers and home sellers, ensuring a thorough and fulfilling experience, all at zero fees to the home buyer.


Today’s home buyer doesn’t rummage through the newspaper looking for a home for sale, like they did years ago, but instead, today’s home buyer is tapping into the world wide web, searching for their home online, and in the process, saving valuable time and money, in their search for their dream home.


Today, over 90% of home buyers start their search for their dream home online. Search Realty is fully aware of this statistic. Search Realty’s online presence provides its clients with much needed exposure, and gives listings a boost in the market, thereby increasing home values, appeasing the home seller, and aligning dream homes with the correct client, fulfilling the desire of both the home seller and home buyer.


Newspaper listings and advertisements, albeit still numerous, are considered outdated. The internet is now the way to go when selling or buying a home. Search Realty uses online platforms to help users conveniently sell their properties. The company focuses on geo-targeted searches, which means future home buyers are looking at homes specific to their search guidelines, allowing for the most exposure for a property listing.


Search Realty guarantees that it will list a client’s home for sale on more websites than any other realty company by working with a variety of local affiliates. While newspaper ads and other online sources tend to distract buyers with unwanted listings, the company’s target-specific search brings in actual home buyers who are interested in purchasing a new home.


It is through this approach that Search Realty has attained extraordinary rankings on Google, including the top spots for critical keywords like “Toronto condos for sale,” “Oakville real estate,” “Oakville homes for sale” and “Mississauga condos for sale.”  Search Realty is also number two for “MLS,” “MLS listings” and “houses for sale,” and has the top two spots for “Mississauga real estate” and “Mississauga homes for sale.”


Search Realty’s website makes it easy and convenient for home buyers to look for homes. Through their website, visitors simply choose the type of property they desire, decide on a price range and pick the area in which they want to search. And with a simple click, listings are presentedy, and visitors can browse through multiple pictures that accompany a listing. To complement the pictures, each listing offers vivid details about the property. Users may save or email the listing for future reference, and Search Realty also allows them to directly request a showing online.


In addition to listings, Search Realty’s websites offer buyers, sellers and realtors a vast amount of useful information about the real estate market and recommends steps that should be taken to buy or sell a home successfully.


Search Realty also has a talented array of agents that can handle each step of the home buying or home selling process. All of the company’s agents are guaranteed to return and respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours. This follows suite with Search Realty’s mandate, which is to ensure that all of its clients are treated with the utmost respect and cared for effectively and responsively.


Confidentiality is another important aspect to home buying and selling that Search Realty understands, and takes very seriously. With today’s online environment, user security is sometimes in jeopardy. That’s why the company does not disclose any personal, financial or motivational affairs with any outside party without a client’s consent.


Through Search Realty, any home buyer or home seller, can not only be assured of excellent customer service and friendly, knowledgeable agents, but also, that the sale or purchase of a home, will be made much simpler, and less costly, because of Search Realty’s online presence.