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Lowest Rate Guarantee

Looking to save thousands of dollars on your next home purchase? When you buy your next home with a Search Realty agent and get a mortgage through Search Mortgage, we will guarantee you the lowest interest rate or we pay you the difference!

How it Works

Some home buyers know that mortgage brokers and bank employees get paid by the banks when arranging a mortgage for you. What most home buyers don’t know is that mortgage agents can tell the banks “I don’t want my commission, use it towards lowering my client’s interest rate”. Obviously most mortgage agents don’t do this, because this is their sole form of income.

Here at Search Realty, because we sell real estate this is where we make an income which allows us to become more flexible with buying down interest rates for our clients on the mortgage side. This method can often be referred to as “buying down the rate”. This is how we can beat any banks rates because we just simply say “I don’t want the commission, please reduce my client’s interest rate” — and voila! You the home buyer gets an unbeatable interest rate as another value-added service we provide. It’s that simple!

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P.S. We also get every and any type of mortgage approved. Whether you are self-employed, commissioned employee or new to Canada, we have mortgages starting from as little as a 5% down payment. Contact us below to get started on your no-obligation mortgage pre-approval and to hire us to help find your next dream home!

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