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An Article From Nevin Briand : Sales Representative Specializing in Mississauga, Ontario

Nevin Briand : Sale Representative, Search Realty Corp., Brokerage


#FLASHBACK FRIDAY:  From Real Estate Agent to Super Hero!

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Without a doubt, with family comes some painful, amusing, cringe-worthy and downright embarrassing moments. Fortunately, memories fade and photos get yellowed and worn. Unfortunately, moms are savvy and they have figured out ways to hodgepodge the hell out of our most awkward moments. Thanks Mom for the 10-page album dedicated to my hammertime pants and my sister’s wet look perm!


On this #FlashbackFriday, I’m going to spare you from seeing me on my first day of school when my mom, in her infinite wisdom, decided to jam my sister into a yellow turtleneck and me into a blue polyester leisure suit.  Instead, I’m going to tell you about one of the craziest experiences I’ve had as a real estate agent with Search Realty Corp. in Mississauga.


A few years ago, I was working with some first time home buyers that were looking to purchase their first home in Mississauga.  They were a middle-aged couple who were renting a basement apartment, but had dreams of owning a condominium of their own.  Their ideal location was the City Centre or Hurontario area of Mississauga.


After weeks of talking on the phone and sending emails back and forth, we finally set up a date to view some condos for sale in their desired area of Mississauga.  I was excited to finally meet this lovely couple…we had a great rapport on the phone and I was anxious to help make their dream of owning a home a reality.


What I thought was going to be just another Saturday morning showing condos, turned out to be a day that I’ll never forget. After picking up my clients and finally being able to add faces to their names, off we went to our first location.


Fast forward 20 minutes… We’re in the elevator on our way to view a unit on the 9th floor at a condo on Trailwood Drive in the Hurontario area of Mississauga.  In typical elevator etiquette, we all stood facing forward, watching the floor numbers change, all awkwardly silent.  At around the 4th floor, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye (because I dare not look anywhere but straight ahead!), the husband had grabbed hold of the hand rail.  I didn’t think too much of it and continued to stare at the metal doors in front of me. 5…6…7…8… (Why does it always seem like an eternity to get to your desired floor?)…9…FINALLY that “ding”!  Doors open.  As always, I allow my clients to exit before me.  And THAT’S when my ordinary day as real estate agent, turned into an unforgettable day as a super hero!


The husband stepped off the elevator, turned left, took two steps, and then his knees buckled like Bambi on a sheet of ice.  Out came the cape and I quickly flew over to his aid.  I grabbed him from under the arms and helped him to the floor.   He said that he was light headed, but he was conscious and very aware of his surroundings.   I encouraged him to breath, gave him some water and kept him engaged in conversation.  After 15 minutes on the floor, he assured me that he was feeling better and that he was ready to proceed with our showings.


Encouraged but cautious, I helped him back to his feet.  And then it happened… the absolute unthinkable…something that maybe only a mother of a new born baby could comprehend… projectile vomiting (sorry, but I couldn’t think of a more pleasant term)…everywhere!  The hallway, the floor, the walls, the elevator doors and naturally, because I was standing next to him, all over ME.


Again he started to fall and, once again, I helped him to the floor.  This time, however, his eyes where rolling back in his head and he was beginning to lose consciousness.  It was downright scary!!!  If you’ve ever seen this, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, pray that you never will! His wife was screaming for help and we were drawing a major audience.  I grabbed for my phone and immediately dialled 911.


Within 10 minutes, and what at the time felt like an eternity, an ambulance was on the scene and my client was off to the Trillium Health Centre. It was later revealed that he was diabetic and severely dehydrated.


I might not have sold a condo in Mississauga that day, but it was definitely a memorable experience with just a few obstacles (Lol).  It is said that “a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”  All in a day’s work for Search Realty’s (super hero) realtor, Nevin Briand, I guess?!

I pride myself on going above and beyond every client’s expectations…providing trust, knowledge, and comfort throughout the e

ntire home buying or selling process.  Not sure I can find any properties for sale on Krypton, but call me if you are looking to buy, sell or invest in a new home in the Mississauga area… I’m here to help!


(By the way…all this reminiscing has made me a little nostalgic, so I thought I’d go ahead and share that photo of me back from the first day of school… please don’t judge.  My sense of style has greatly improved over the years!)





Nevin Briand currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario. If you’re considering moving to Mississauga,

Ontario don’t hesitate to contact him directly at 416.460.7333 or Nevin@SearchRealty.ca

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