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We Won’t Be Beaten on Commission!

If you find an agent with lower commission, show us and we’ll match it plus add our 5000+ real estate website package and get 2X the exposure than Realtor.ca at no additional charge. 

Just show us the advertisement or the final agreement along with the marketing to said to be done and we’ll list your home with more advertising and provide better service, all at the same price as our competitor.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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REAL Facts to Consider When Selling Your Home!

1. 97% of home buyers start their search online while 98% of real estate agents only use MLS. They often miss out and so do their clients!

2. Newspaper and flyers advertise the agent, not your home. By the time the newspaper prints your ad, your home is probably already sold. Not to mention it kills a rainforest per postal walk. Most importantly, these flyers will not reach those overseas buyers!

3. The odds of someone opening up a newspaper and wants to buy a home are 3%. The odds of someone wanting to buy a home after they type in for example; “Toronto Homes For Sale” is 97%. This is why Google is an advertising giant and one of the most visited sites in the world! Google sends us targeted traffic, these visitors are actually looking to buy a home in Toronto!

4. Open Houses sells your real estate agent. Not your home. That’s right; your nosey neighbour does not want to buy your home.

5. You need to sell your home with a company with the most online exposure who will bring geo-targeted traffic to your home for sale. It’s not brain surgery, the more home buyers see your property for sale, the more likely your home will sell fast and at top dollar!

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