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Google Digital Advertising

Search Realty standards are constantly changing to meet the expectations of today’s buyers and sellers. Being the only brokerage in Canada that’s a trusted Google Partner allows us to implement proven-by-Google marketing tactics and products for our sellers.  This allows our customer’s homes to be sold faster and at a higher price than their neighbours.

After we create a web page for your home listing we then implement the following Google advertisement techniques to ensure we find the right buyer for your home quickly. Warning, the following is boring digital marketing lingo!

  • Geo-location targeting
  • Keyword tuning
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Mobile marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Cross platform marketing
  • Enhanced reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Call tracking

The number of visitors we send to your listing will be between 2X to 7X more traffic than Realtor.ca  — This is similar to having hundreds of potential homebuyers in your home for a viewing.


Google.ca vs. Realtor.ca : Case Study #1

Google Search Network : Case Study #2

In this case study, we used a combination of Geo-location targeting and Keyword tuning, which allowed us to zero in on all of the buyers within a 1KM radius. The Keyword Tuning we used during this case study included buyers who were specific about finding a property within the listed building. We can Keyword Tune your listing ads to tailor your market, property type or location. 


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