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Nevin Briand

Nevin Briand

Sales Representative

Mobile: 416.460.7333

Office: 905.506.SOLD

Fax: 905.506.SOLD

Email: Nevin@SearchRealty.ca

Address: 50 Village Centre Pl Suite 100 Mississauga, ON

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Hi Nevin,

I would like to thank you for all the help you provided me in getting the condominium unit I’ve always wanted.

Before it was just a dream or a vision for me to someday own a condominium.  Not just an ordinary condominium unit but a unit that has a special water view from my own balcony.  It was just a dream for me before because with my limited resources and with my specific feature requirements (newer building, low maintenance fee, unit with parking included, close to hospitals and supermarkets and most importantly with waterview from the balcony and has a tenant already to help pay the mortgage) that I was looking for, I know it would be very hard to find it and very hard for me to achieve.  But because of your perseverance and persistence, you finally found me the perfect condo unit that I was looking for.  Not only that, you work around ways for me to minimize my initial cash out to save my retirement savings which I initially intended to pay for the cost of purchasing the condo unit.

You made this dream of mine a reality and for this, I would like to thank you.

In behalf of my family, we wish more success in your career and if at some point someone would be looking for a realty agent within your area,  you will definitely get my recommendation.


Best Regards,

Romehl Capcap


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Home Buying Tips

Chocolate chip cookies, rocky road ice cream, naps, watching my stepson play baseball, and taking road trips with my family are just some of the many things I love in life.  I also feel blessed for having a job that I absolutely enjoy going to every day.

Being a realtor wasn’t something I set out to be in life… it’s something that just happened naturally.  In fact, I had been working in the banking industry for years before I got the real estate fever.  It really wasn’t until I started selling pre-construction condos before I knew that this was the career path I wanted to follow. Read more…


To Lease or Not Lease

Monday mornings typically start with “How was your weekend?” and most people answer with, “It was great”.  As a realtor, I can honestly say that my weekends are usually fantastic!  Often, I spend them with clients, viewing properties or negotiating deals. This weekend was no exception.

My client (son of my high school Physics teacher…small world, eh?) is currently living in Burlington but is interested in finding a rental property in downtown Toronto.  The daily commute is becoming rather tedious and being a young, single guy, he’d like to spend more time enjoying fabulous restaurants, trendy bars, and socializing with friends, rather than spending several hours a day traveling to and from work. Read more…


Flashback Friday

Without a doubt, with family comes some painful, amusing, cringe-worthy and downright embarrassing moments. Fortunately, memories fade and photos get yellowed and worn. Unfortunately, moms are savvy and they have figured out ways to hodgepodge the hell out of our most awkward moments. Thanks Mom for the 10-page album dedicated to my hammertime pants and my sister’s wet look perm!

On this #FlashbackFriday, I’m going to spare you from seeing me on my first day of school when my mom, in her infinite wisdom, decided to jam my sister into a yellow turtleneck and me into a blue polyester leisure suit. Instead, I’m going to tell you about one of the craziest experiences I’ve had as a real estate agent with Search Realty Corp., in Mississauga. Read more…

What cities do you service?

What year did you get into real estate?

What languages can you speak?
English and French

What’s your favourite part of being a real estate agent?
Helping people find their perfect home

What’s your favourite hobby?

What was the most recent compliment you’ve received and savoured? 
You’re hilarious!

Where’s your favourite place to take an out-of-town client?

What’s your dream car?

What was the last thing you ate today?
Bacon.. enough said

Where were you born?
Gaspe, Quebec

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